How to Choose the Best Photogrammetry Software?

Photogrammetry has emerged as the most reliable 3D mapping and scanning technique. It allows you to scan and map large objects like skyscrapers and also mountains for the 3D model, which would be quite difficult using other techniques.

Experts also call it the most affordable method because all you need is a feature-rich drone, DSLR camera, and the best photogrammetry software to create 3D models of the target site. People quickly recognized the potential and benefits of this method since it became accessible to common people.

Many programs emerged in the market as free photogrammetry software to help the users in creating flawless 3D models. Unfortunately, some of these programs do not provide the expected support. Therefore, it is important to pick the best photogrammetry software to complete your project flawlessly.

Do you really need the photogrammetry software?

The Photogrammetry method has many applications, but it can be quite difficult without a sophisticated Photogrammetry tool. You need a flawless program for visualization. Most of the archaeologists now use this method to map the entire site and prepare plans for excavation. It is just one of many applications of the photogrammetry software.

Experts use this program for topographic mapping, engineering, architecture, and also for geology projects. A cutting-edge photogrammetry program can make 3D scanning, mapping, and 3D modelling much easier. That’s why people use this tool and you also need it.

How to find the best photogrammetry software?

Assess the following features to pick the best photogrammetry software:

  • Assess the features and capabilities of the tool:

There are programs which can automate the entire procedure and require minimum human interventions. These programs make the entire process simpler. This program adds and aligns aerial photographs to develop point clouds and meshes.

The best photogrammetry software allows the program to create many outputs, including orthomosaics, 3D models, digital elevation models, and contour lines.  Some programs can also calculate plant index for which people used to rely upon third-party remote sensing software.

You should assess all such features of the program and then decide, whether it is perfect for your demands or not. If it lacks the required features and functions, you can always try an alternative option.

  • Compatibility:

A program with a complex user interface can make the mapping and surveying process difficult for you. Seek standardization of the user interface to ensure you will get a familiar dashboard to work. Your chosen software must offer compatibility regarding output.

The software must produce common standard output formats, including .las, .obj, .stl, .tiff, .jpeg, and .kmz. You can rely on the chosen program for creating point clouds, digital elevation models, 3D models, and orthomosaics if it creates outputs in the above-mentioned formats.

  • Software cost:

The cost of a photogrammetry software can vary, depending on its features, reliability, and performance. Some programs offer cutting-edge features and exceptional support for the job. This type of tools often cost more than ordinary 3D mapping programs.

Some software packages come with unique licensing options, which can help you cut the software cost. You can also try their monthly subscriptions and point-based packages to save some extra bucks.

  • Customer support:

Whenever you buy software packages, you join the network of developers who have created that software. You should assess the size and the number of end-users of the network before you buy the software package. You can benefit from the network whenever a new update and new features are added to the tool. The developers will guide you if you face any technical issue while using the tool. Instant support can save you time and make it easier to use the program for your demands.

Which program is the best photogrammetry software according to the above-listed factors?

You will discover some exciting options on the internet if you carefully assess each factor. However, things may still seem a bit puzzling and the chosen program may not seem perfect for your long-term needs.

Try Minoair, a feature-rich drone image processing and drone mapping software. Users praise this program for accurate processing. You can rely on this program to turn any drone data into accurate maps. It offers built-in controls and the RTK GPS technology to transform drone imagery. It is capable of producing large size survey-grade reports and multispectral maps to assess the changes.

Users recommend the Minoair platform drone image processing and 3D modelling because it can assess the work dynamics much faster than other tools. You can quickly create 2D and 3D maps of the worksite with accurate projections to evaluate work progress. You can accurately speculate the time your project may take by using 3D models created by Minoair tool. Thus, you can create accurate plans to finish the ongoing project faster.

Should you try free photogrammetry software?

It should not be tough to discover free photogrammetry software. This tool may promise many features, but the outcome may not be what you expect. Therefore, you should always choose a premium program for your drone mapping needs.

As mentioned before, Minoair is providing the most reliable solutions for drone image processing, surveying, and 3D mapping. Accurate processing, reliable analytics, automation, output in multiple formats make it an essential tool for photogrammetry.


The assessment of several factors leads you to the best photogrammetry software. It takes time to assess and compare different programs based on those factors. We have made that process simpler for you by featuring the most reliable photogrammetry tool. Get this software and assess its features to reveal how it makes mapping and surveying easier.