What is Photogrammetry and How Does It Work?

Photogrammetry is the most advanced mapping and surveying method. This method is used to take accurate measurements from photographs and assess surface points of the target site or object. Here you will reveal many important facts about this method, including how photogrammetry works.

It requires three things to create flawless 3D drone surveys, which are aerial drone imagery, exceptional ground control, and cutting-edge photogrammetry software. This software stitches all the captured photos together to produce a flawless 3D model of the site. These 3D models help experts in measuring areas, volumes of structures, lengths, and other important points.

A fully SaaS drone image processing platform plays a crucial role in producing flawless 3D models using Photogrammetry. Minoair is the most trusted AI-powered platform that turns on-site drone images into 2D and 3D maps of the target site.

How does Photogrammetry work?

The process begins with the drones, which are sent up in the sky to click high-quality photographs of the site along with numerous overlap. At least 80% overlap on each photograph is required so that the computer can stitch those photos together to produce the orthophoto. Drones click images from different angles to capture each feature of the object to feature it in its 3D model.

It is the drone controller’s job to ensure a steady flight to capture flawless photos of the site for photogrammetry. It becomes easier to triangulate the location of the target site in space when you move the drone to three or more positions to capture its pictures.

Every image provides distinct features of the site. You can find and match more features to relate different pictures and rebuild all the featured objects within those pictures. Although it sounds like a simple task, it would be quite tough without sophisticated software. That’s why Photogrammetry software is needed.

The photogrammetry software picks many features and creates a cloud of points. Every point is coupled with a matched feature that describes the surveyed area in that specific location. Thus, you can convert these point clouds into a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) or 3D mesh.

Understand the stitching process:

The photo stitching process is like completing a jigsaw puzzle. Once you have found one part of the puzzle, you look for another part that fits in perfectly. You do it by looking for common features so that those puzzles can fit together flawlessly.

Solving a jigsaw puzzle becomes difficult when all the parts are plain with no image. Stitching all the pictures the target site is more difficult than solving that imageless jigsaw puzzle. Minoair provides the cutting-edge program to do this job for you.

Your computer can easily recognize patterns. That’s why many pictures with a similar feature from various angles are fed to the computer so that it can flawlessly compile the finished picture.

Why Photogrammetry is quite popular now?

Photogrammetry is widely used for surveying mapping now. People used to hire highly trained professionals to regulate this process before. They used expensive equipment to capture top-quality aerial photographs. Therefore, the entire surveying and mapping process was quite expensive

The rapid evolution in drone technology has thoroughly transformed this industry. It became more user-friendly and affordable. That’s why many people are using it for different interests. Many people from different fields are using drones as aerial photography vehicles to complete their photogrammetry projects. 

Flawless output on each attempt:

You just need a drone equipped with a DSLR camera and the Minoair platform to turn top-quality aerial pictures into 2D and 3D models of the site. Cutting-edge photogrammetric software uses the images captured by the drone and turns them into accurate maps and models of the site.

You save your time, a lot of money, and get a flawless output to complete the surveying and mapping project. That’s why thousands of people are trying this method to map different areas before beginning major projects.


Now, you know how photogrammetry works and why it is quite popular. People in the surveying and mapping industry are using this technique daily to flawlessly complete their projects. You can also try this technique and Minoair platform to produce detailed maps of any site you want.

It has existed for many decades, but it was not accessible for all the projects. People relied on complex outdated methods to map the required area. The evolution in drone technology and platforms like Minoair have made Photogrammetry accessible to common people.