How can Minoair help you?

Give a boost to mine planning using Minoair with captured drone data for invaluable geospatial insights

  • Make Survey grade maps to help you improve visual monitoring and track progress of mine and quarry.
  • Optimize mine planning based on site’s topography like location, elevation, slope, contours etc.
  • Plan better work execution with measuring tools like line measurement and area measurement
  • Compare previous surveyed drone data with latest mine plan to improvise cut fill management.
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Recognize revenue and avoid waste with timely information by using the smart tools.

  • Easy-to-use volume measurement tools for stockpile volumes, perform pre and post blast volume management
  • Gain insights like fragmentation of muckpile with Minoair AI based tools.
  • Measure overburden volume more often in fraction of cost with Minoair’s overburden tools.
  • Create reports, export the data to share and collaborate with your stakeholders.
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De-risk the worksite at mines and drive profitability with Minoair solutions

  • Check elevation profile, cross section of any area with our line measurement tool.
  • Note geotechnical hazards like steep slopes, rock blasts with layers.
  • Fulfill your compliance faster in measuring height of high-wall and safety norms.
  • Measure width of haul roads accurately with artificial intelligence based tools.
  • Measure CrossFall accurately with artificial intelligence based tools.
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Optimize Production by securing an edge with our IIoT Platform ‘Minocular’

  • Visualize advanced machine telematics for mining on drone based map
  • Use single visual platform for fuel management, KPI like under-load, overload, drill blast and quality control.
  • Increase your production without stepping a foot at the mine site.
  • Reduce risk and secure high ROI per ton of production.
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How drones mapping is transforming the mining industry.

Learn from this case study ,how mining companies use 3D visual intelligence to enhance their mining operation.

  • Volumetric Survey
  • Haul Road AI Analytics
  • Highwal AI Analytics
  • Safety Berms AI Analytics
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