Agency partnership

For Drone Surveying Companies/Individual or Professional/Engineering Service Provider interested in becoming Minoair resellers (Whitelable Solution).

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Affiliate program

For drone based blogs/website owners and instituions and individuals who want to earn more with Minoair referrals.

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Technical integration

For companies, system level intrigators who want to offer users built-in drone data mapping, analytics solutions.

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Become a Minoair Reseller

Agency/Distributor partnership

Join us along with many other companies around the world who are helping their client by providing value for drone data program by using our platform.Get in touch with us to learn more.

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Why to join agency/distributor program

  • Higher Profits on reselling our cloud bases services.
  • WhiteLable Solution.
  • Content for promotion.
  • Strategic partnership agreement.
  • Online Edorsement as a Minoair Partner.
  • Lead Distribution based on region.
  • High priority technical support.

What we look for

  • A strong sales team.
  • A sufficient understanding of Minoair Platform.
  • To work closely with our team to develop successful strategy.
  • Forecast sales target.
  • Advertise Minoair on various digital/physical platform.

Earn More With a Referral Partnership

Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program to earn X% revenue share on each sale you refer to Minoair. Tailored for professional/industrial advisors, our referral program is built to earn you revenue and provide robust drone data processing and analytics solutions for your clients.

Why to become our affiliate -
  • X% revenue for each sales done by your referral link.
  • No initial investment.
  • No sales targets.
  • Potential to become Gold Reseller Partner.
The process is simple -
  • 1. Signup to our trial.
  • 2. Log in to your account and retrieve the affiliate link.
  • 3. Paste the affiliate link to your website content or ad inventory or send it to your mailing list.

  • Contact us to learn more.

Integrate With Minoair

Technical Integration

If you have any online platform for engineering, construction, agriculture industry or you need drone maps and custom analytics integration, we have fully developed API solution with customization as per your need and white labeling of solution also available.

Expand your product portfolio and functionality of your platform with the advance leading solution in drone software. and add additional source of revenue.

Please fill out our initial questionnaire.

A member of Minoair staff will contact you to discuss the next steps.

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